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Vietnam Era Paperwork

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Aside from boonie humping, my duties with the Vietnam reenacting unit includes Company Clerk. As such, I've amassed a number of period paperwork and forms. Feel free to download any forms you need to round out your impression. Most of them are self-explanatory, others are, well, odd historical artifacts.

These documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

A couple of the forms are early 1970s, and are labelled as such. Other forms have a "Reset" button on them that should be removed if you are going to use the forms for living history purposes.

I would love to expand my collection, so please contact me if you have other forms!

DA Forms

DA 1 Morning Report (1969)
DA 2-1 Court Martial Insert (1974)
DA 6 Duty Roster (1974)
DA 348 Equipment Operator Qualification Record
DA 410 Receipt for Accountable Form
DA 479 Blank Form Stock Record Card
DA 479-1 Form Stock Record Card, Pt. 2
DA 642 Forms Information Record
DA 1049 Personnel Action
DA 1144 Request For Dossier
DA 1155 KIA/MIA Witness Form
DA 1156 Casualty Feeder Form
DA 1248 Road Recon Form
DA 1249 Bridge Recon Form
DA 1250 Tunnel Recon Form
DA 1251 Ford Recon Form
DA 1252 Ferry Recon Form
DA 1594 Duty Officer Log
DA 1624 Non-Citizen ROTC Application
DA 2101 Disbursement Voucher
DA 2182 Public Property Inventory
DA 2217 Investigation Log
DA 2398 Accident Exposure
DA 2446 Request For Orders (1976)
DA 2453-R Statement of Medical Examination
DA 2496 Disposition Form
DA 2569-R Attorney of Record Designation
DA 2582-R Prisoner Comfort Supplies
DA 2609 Historical Property Log
DA 2702 Bill of Materials
DA 2707 Dry Cleaning List
DA 2717 Optical Lab Report
DA 2924 Hospital Diet Orders
DA 2930 Kitchen Requisition
DA 2981 Moral Eligibility for Enlistment
DA 3136 Laundry Roster
DA 3137 Enlisted Laundry
DA 3153 Patient Ledger
DA 3263 Ammuntion Storage Space
DA 3365 Medical Warning Tag Authorization
DA 3437 Medical Examination Certificate
DA 3801 Guest Meal Log
DA 3982 Medical Appointment Form

DD Forms

DD 62 Acceptibility For Draft Statement
DD 285 Postal Clerk Appointment Card
DD 603-1 Non-Firearm War Trophy Registration
DD 603 Firearm War Trophy Registration
DD 634 Miscellaneous Receipt
DD 689 Sick Slip
DD 707 Deposits Report
DD 785 Record of Disenrollment From OCS
DD 843 Printing Request
DD 877 Medical Record Request
DD 878 Mail Dispatch Form
DD 885 Money Order Control
DD 890 Record of Identification Processing
DD 891 ID Processing Dental Chart
DD 892 ID Processing Skeletal Chart
DD 893 ID Processing Anatomical Chart
DD 894 ID Processing Fingerprint Chart
DD 1096 Pay Allowance Voucher
DD 1100 Household Goods Storage Record
DD 1115 Mail Room Sign
DD 1118 Mail Fund Receipt
DD 1150 Requst For Issue/Turn In
DD 1234 Subsistence Report
DD 1329 Statement of Transactions
DD 1337 Authorization/Designation For Emergency Pay and Allowances
DD 1392 Data Message
DD 1394 Baking Mixers Form
DD 1451 Ovenman Baking Sheet
DD 1515 Deceased Pay and Allotment
DD 1588 Travel Pay Records
DD 1610 TDY Travel Request
DD 1743 Report of Death of Military Dog

Other Paperwork

Report For Induction Letter
Draft Card
Soap Wrapper

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